One of the world’s largest P&C Insurance Companies Creates a Centralized Repository for Data Warehouse

Case Study 1

The challenge

A global P&C insurance company grew through acquisition of other smaller insurance companies. This led to the need for a data warehouse to centralize data from multiple companies and locations. The Insurance Information Data Warehouse is an industry-specific blueprint that provides data warehouse design models, business terminology, and analysis templates to help accelerate the development of business applications. The software helps consolidate trusted information across multiple viewpoints. This project was a two-year project that helped centralize the client’s data into one single repository.

SysMind Solution

SysMind provided staff augementation through a variety of resources. SysMind built a team of consultants that ranged from two Data Architects for Phase 1 and 2, a IIW/IAA leead that was in charge of our 10 data modelers, as well as an ETL Architect and team lead who lead a team of 10 ETL developers with datastage backgrounds, plus 4 data analysts that worked with the team and the business.

Program Results

The project was successfuly complete. The company centralized their data in a single repository.