Leading Technology Integrator wins RPA project for an investment management firm with over $ 5 trillion asset under management

Case Study 3

The challenge

SysMind was challenged with staffing for its technology integrator client. The client desired Blueprism RPA professionals who had a long term commitment. The client had limited time to interview (requested pre-screened, fully vetted candidates for one and done final interviews) and would like to identify, screen and on-board resources under deadline to match business requirements delivery.

SysMind Solution

Inputs were taken from the client and SysMind created a targeted technical screening questionnaire. Of the 85 sourced consultants, a short list od 20 was presented to the client and 14 were hired for 18 month assignments.

Program Results

To date the project has been successful. SysMind has hired 14 Blueprism RPA resources (Developers, Business Analyst and Testers) within a span of 1.5 months. SysMind has experienced 100% retention and has had strong positive feedback on provided resources.